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BIOSHIELD AR/AG/LR Antibacterial Automobile Touch panel Flex Glass Screen Protector

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    1,000 Unit
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    100,000 Unit per One-Time
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    Customization ,  Sample Order

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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, World Wide
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      Depend on quantity


  • Brand
    Model FLEXGLASS Screen Protectors
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    diverse size as per the device
  • Material
    PET on glass coated / 9H hardness (scratch resistance)
  • Weight
  • Condition
    new condition
  • Color
  • Function
    Anti-Reflection / Anti-Glare / Low Reflection coated
  • Features
    High transmittance (HD screen) / Sensitive touch / Antimicrobial certificated by SIAA
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate
    8 years of age or older
BIOSHIELD AR/AG/LR Antibacterial Automobile Touch panel Flex Glass Screen Protector
Antimicrobial Screen Protector
The Antibacterial action based on natural calcium carbonate extracted from abalone shell which is safe for the human body, eradicates pneumonia bacteria and super bacteria (MRSA) in 30 seconds. The antimicrobial activity is 6 times faster than a competitive supplier and lasts more than 30 months.

- 3D forming FlexGlass Screen Protector (Antibacterial)
- FlexGlass Screen Protector (Antibacterial)
- Touch Screen Protector (Antibacterial)
- Antibacterial Film
- MUGONGHAE Sanitizer & Depdrant

BIOSHIELD Antibacterial Activity is
FlexGlass is unbreakable, different from a tempered glass and recognizes ultrasonic fingerprint.
The antibacterial action based on natural calcium carbonate extracted from abalone shell is safe for the human body, eradicates pneumonia bacteria and super bacteria (MRSA) in 30 seconds. Flex Glass's unbreakable strength is being used to protect touch panel with the needs of automotive touch panels, which have recently been seeking to change their product line into electric/electronic products by internal combustion engines.
Key Features

• Antimicrobial certificated by SIAA
• Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible
• Full cover (edge to edge protection, perfect fit)
• Thinner & Lighter
• Infrangible : No chipping or cracking edges
• 9H/6H hardness (scratch resistance)
• Oleophobic coated (AFP + oil free)
• High transmittance (HD screen)
• Sensitive touch
• Easy installation
• Case friendly : be compatible with the most cases

• There may be bubbles appear on application when;
- A few of cases which cover the sides of the screen push the 3D forming screen protector, or The alignment of the screen protector and the device is not right Every devices of the curved shape is not exactly same.
- The most of 3D forming do not have any problems but a little amount of devices with different shaped curves make air bubbles around the edges (1~3mm).
- This is caused by the devices, not the screen protector.
- Please keep this in your mind when you buy this product.

9H FLEXGLASS structure
Scructure Hardness Scratch Resistance Optical feature [T/T] Optical feature [Haze]
FX200 200㎛ 9H 700gf Pass,
10times OK
92.1 0.03
adhesive 30㎛
Scructure Hardness Scratch Resistance Optical feature [T/T] Optical feature [Haze]
6H Glass coated 250㎛ 6H 700gf Pass,
500times OK
91.3 0.4
adhesive 20㎛
Company Overview

BIOSHIELD is an antimicrobial screen protector manufacturer which is established in July 2011. We are certified by SIAA and ISO22196 for anitmicrobial thus our anitmicrobial screen protectors are antimicrobial effect and safety issues are concurrently assured. (99.9% antimicrobial activity - the international testing organization SGS and Passed safety tests includig dermal irritability and oral toxicity tests - the incorporated foundation of Japan Food Research Laboratories)

The main product is '3D forming curved screen protector'. It is the world first curved screen protector with optical PET. We started to research and develop for 3D forming technology since 2012 with Galaxy S3 and till now(Galaxy S9/S9+/Note 8, iPhone X/8/8+ etc.). We keep working on 3D forming for the new curved smartphones to make the most perfect full coverage screen protectors.

The main export countries are USA, Thailand, China and New Zealand and the main domestic malls are SKP (One store), Shinsegae mall and E-mart, Lotte mall and more. We are growing up in both of domestic and overseas as a 3D forming screen protector manufacturer.
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  • Name : Lim YoungChoon
  • Tel : 82-07043520852
  • Email : help@bioshield.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 1342 Seongnam-daero Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (13120)
Bioshield Co., Ltd.
  • The person in charge

    Young Choon Lim
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    1342 Seongnam-daero Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (13120)


Bioshield Co., Ltd.
Living of antimicrobial. That is Bioshield Co., Ltd.’s vision for the future. Our company became the third Korean company to be come a regular member of the Society of the Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) and Has aslo received ISO22196 certification, and Bioshield Co., Ltd. was founded to create products whose quality control and information are published according to SIAA guidelines. We, at Bioshield, strive to protect people that are exposed to infection and the threat of the bacteria in their daily lives. Unlike many antimicrobial products introduced to the market without any assurance regarding the safety of their Antimicrobial material, the Bioshield’s products have received an international standard certification for their safety and antimicrobial performance by featuring outstanding antimicrobial performance against the E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, and other bacteria by using ion exchange of antibiotics-antibacterial metal ion with organic antibiotics. All of Bioshield’s products are also certified to be safe through various tests of oral toxicity and skin irritation. Bioshield intends to focus its capability in developing the key technology for the antimicrobial screen protective film, which was the first antimicrobial product introduced by the company, in order to become the best company that offers superiority quality beyond any other competitors. For this reason, the company is committed to developing new technologies, owning the key technologies and producing various antimicrobial products with consideration to users’ safety. Bioshield will continuously try to advance and grow into a global leaders as we realize antimicrobial living for all people. Thank you.
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  • Main Product :
    3H 3D Curved PET Protector
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    Less than 5



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