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Grip Power Tech

Easy Power Golf Grip (D Power Grip for Advanced Level) Posture Correction Korea

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  • Brand
    Grip Power Tech
    Model Easy Power D-Power Grip
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    16cmx3.3cmx2cm/Hitter, 16cmx5cmx2cm/Putter, 17cmx19cmx19/D-POWER
  • Material
  • Weight
    D-POWER 17g, Hitter27g, Putter39g
  • Style
    EPG15FH/Hitter, EPG15FD/D-POWER, EPG15FP/Putter
  • Gender
    12 years and over
Grip PowerTech is a company specializing in golf grips. It is registered in domestic patent and PCT international patent. US (Patent registered US 9,662,552 B2), Japan (Patent registered 6200089), China patent registered (ZL201480043624.X) It is a creative development company that produces and sells Easy Power Grip (Golf Grip). In addition, it has won the 2016 Hi Seoul Excellence Product Brand Award, Sports Dong-A 2016 Consumer Satisfaction Index No.1 Company and Product Grand Prize, and ISO 9001, 14001 International Certificate.

Easy Power D-Power Grip


Orange / Pink / Blue / Red / Black

Raw Material

Easy Power D-Power Grip

You spend 70 minutes at the driving range today again.
Golf is easy at first, but it gets harder the more you try to get to grips with it. One day, if the driver works well, the iron clubs don't. And if the iron clubs work the next day, the driver won’t.

Why is it so?
Hence the saying "Children and golf are beyond your control regardless of how much money you have." So golf is also the only sport where skill is sometimes not tuned up by experience on the course. And its where seniors get beat out by juniors.

Why is golf hard?
* Because a good grip is hard? * Because backswing is difficult? * Because your impact is weak? * Because you cannot relax?
All play a part. But grip is key. It is because you practice golf without understanding correct grip.

Golf rests on the grip.
Professional golfer Choi Kyung-ju confirms that says 90% of golf success rests on the grip. Many amateur golf players, after playing for the first time, think grip is simply a tool to hit the ball. They think only of the process of hitting the ball and forget the importance of the grip, and are obsessed with swing. They are preoccupied with the hope of a long drive. Not many amateur golfers know exactly what the grip does. They just think of it as a tool to prevent the golf club slipping or not hurting their hands. To be good at golf, you need to understand the principle of grip and how to use it correctly

Golf is based on principles of physics.
Following the laws of rotational acceleration and action-reaction, the head is the point of action with force transmitted through the grip, and the ball is the point of reaction. Whatever force is applied to the point of action, the same force is transmitted to the ball at the point of reaction. Golf is based on the principle of producing and using kinetic energy from rotation at the center of the axis. Fast rotation is key to maximizing power and energy.

Long distance is the dream of so many golf players.
Distance is in important correlation with accurate impact and wrist cocking. A valid way to create these two is to use a grip similar to when grasping a wet towel without squeezing. But while many amateur golf players are theoretically aware of good grip, the main reason they can't achieve one is that the club turns at the top of the backswing due to its weight. This results in inaccurate impact and a very firm grip. It’s like squeezing the grip momentarily to prevent the club from turning causes the cocking to be released early, which results in a loss of distance.

Immerse yourself in driving range practice again today after understanding grip.
As soon as you pull the club down from the top of the backswing with your shoulder relaxed and a light grip, the golf club turns and the ball flies off in the wrong direction. You hit it with a firm grip this time, but the distance is cut in half.~~ Isn't there an easy grip out there for effective play? Adjust your thinking just a little and you’ll see it!

A New Concept in Golf Grip, “Easy Power”
There is a story about the birth of the easy power grip. It's a story about a golf player who has been playing for over 20 years and thinks he knows the game well. He’s participated in amateur competitions, embarrassed himself when he panicked during a game, and decided to quit golf due to the shock. But for more than six months, he practiced using all kinds of methods without knowing the cause. And so the result was unsatisfactory. Then he quit golf. After looking at other sports for a while, he returned to the game. He eventually swung with the right posture again and felt he was back to his best. He’d realized. The problem was his grip. The key to the game of golf is grip. Golf should be an enjoyable experience of walking and exercising out in a country environment to cleanse the mind. However, many golf players come under stress whenever they reach the course. You shouldn't spend so much time paying expensive fees only to get stressed. Let me introduce the Easy Power Grip which will put your mind at ease.

Detail View

What kind of golf grip is "Easy Power"?
• A new concept grip with a soft, heat-resistant silicon material, which can be used without gloves
• A new concept grip mounted on an existing golf grip with a five-step orientation to set the direction of the player
• A new concept grip that increases driving distance by enabling the golfer to control grasping power, set the grasp, and hold
  correct grip easily at all times
• A new concept grip that corrects the power and swing position by enabling to lightly hold the grip and make the most of the
  centrifugal force when swinging
• A new concept grip enabling balancing of both hands to generate fast head speed during downswing
• A new concept grip that any golfer can easily mount and adjust

What is the difference between the existing "Easy Power" golf grip and the new “D-POWER” grip?
Firstly, the design is completely different.
The existing Easy Power grip has the advantage of enabling golfers to hold an easy and solid grip because it has a standardized GASP pattern. D-POWER grip is a non-standardized type that enables the golfer to feel the head weight when holding any form of grip, producing long driving distance and making it easy even for middle- to high-level players to feel enhanced skill. In particular, it is a third generation product very effective for iron clubs.

Is it effective in improving female golfers impact?
Many female golfers often have a weak grip and grasping force, often unable to get long distance due to lack of impact.
The D-POWER grip is a very effective tool for increasing driving distance with strong impact and joint protection as it eliminates finger friction. Women requiring more power and not feeling the weight of the head due to their gloves can protect their hands by wearing gloves on only one hand with this silicone grip that boosts power.

Talking of Grip leads to "D-POWER", the 3rd Generation New Concept Power Golf Grip.
• A club with a grip does not turn, creating a square impact. This helps to improve driving distance and directionality
• A grip enabling you to find the sweet spot which can be used without gloves
• A grip enabling you to hold it loosely, relax the shoulders, and extend the arms naturally. Thus effective in correcting swing posture

Manufacturing Process
In order to preserve durability, grip sensitivity, and tension, we manufacture manually using an extrusion molding method instead of injection molding. This manual method incurs a higher manufacturing cost but works to ensure a higher grip sensitivity. 100% made in Korea product patented in major golfing countries and exported to the U.S. and Canada.

D-Power Grip Mounting Method
Push the D-POWER grip N direction in the di￾rection of the arrow of the light blue calibra￾tor and nudge it to the line. Fit in the same way as in Basic Mounting 5 ~ 7, and then adjust it to 20mm (same as man and lady) as shown in the picture. After removing the light blue calibrator as shown in Basic Mounting 8 and 9, wrap the transparent calibrator about 10cm so that the transparent calibrator is visible, and pull out the transparent calibrator one by one with the pliers. Slowly unfold the winding D-POWER grip and keep it intact.



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GRIP POWER TECH CO., Grip PowerTech is a company specializing in golf grips. It is registered in domestic patent and PCT international patent. US (Patent registered US 9,662,552 B2), Japan (Patent registered 6200089), China patent registered (ZL201480043624.X) It is a creative development company that produces and sells Easy Power Grip (Golf Grip). In addition, it has won the 2016 Hi Seoul Excellence Product Brand Award, Sports Dong Asia 2016 Consumer Satisfaction Index No.1 Company and Product Grand Prize, and ISO 9001, 14001 International Certificate. ◈VISION Creativeness, Creation, Creative Output • Creative Management • Export management • New Business Development • Trustful and Autonomous management • Management for the Future • Customer Satisfaction ∙HISTORY 2017. 10 Participated in Hong Kong Mega Show 09. Registered in Japan Patent (golf assistant grip) No. 6200089 07. Participated in Hong Kong Leisure Sports Exhibition 07. Chinese Patent Application (Portable Cocking Exercise Machine) No. 100068 06. US Patent Application (Portable Coking Practice Tool) M2523.10068 US01 05. Registered US Patent (golf assistant grip) US9,662,552 B2 04. Chinese trademark registration (Easy Power) No. 19205137 01. Participated in Orlando PGA Golf Show 2016. 12 Participated in Shanghai Golf Outlet Exhibition in China 12. High Seoul Excellence Brand Award 12. Exported K shopping sample to USA 08. International Certification ISO 9001, 14001 Certification 08. Participated in Japan Sport Tech Sports Exhibition 08. The 3rd Korea Creative Game Grand Prize, Gold Prize 07. Selected as the 1st place company and product by consumer satisfaction index 06. Registration of invention patent (Portable caulking practice apparatus) No. 10-1617869 05. Participated in Beijing high-tech exhibition in China 04. Participated in the Han Pil Trade Fair in the Philippines 03. Participated in Beijing PGA Golf Show 2015. 11. Seoul International Invention Exhibition Silver Award 11. Awarded Korea Patent Grand Prize 09. Participated in Guangzhou Sports Exhibition in China 06. Participated in import exhibition in Yiwu, China 2014. 12. 2 Trademark Registration (Grip Power, Grip Power) 06. Grip Power Tech established 06. 2 registered trademarks (Easy Power) 04. Registration of invention patent ◈COMPANY INFORMATION Company Size: Small Business Management Philosophy: Creative management and trust management strength Major Partners: Golfzon, strength: US, Japan, China and Korea patented products make it easy to buyers because it has unlimited competitiveness.
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    Easy power grip
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    1~3 million (KRW)
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  • SBA best goods award 
    Industrial promotion and SMEs in seoul 
  • HIT500 
    Small and medium Business Corporation 
  • Patent 
    Korean intellectual property office 
  • ISO 9001 
  • ISO 14001 
  • Hi-seoul best brand award 
    Industrial promotion and SMEs in seoul 
  • United States Patent 
    United States Patent and Trademark Office 
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    japan patent office 
  • ISO 9001 
  • ISO 14001 
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    Korean Intellectual Property Office 
  • ISO9001 

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  • 28 Sudo-ro 159beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14490)


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