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Emergency Handheld LED Flashlight Manufacturer | FYSE - Portable Flashlight Exclusive Box (TNEA2332)

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  • Brand
    Model TNEA2332, portable emergency flashlight
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    350 x 56 x 280 (WDH, mm)
  • Package Includes
    Exclusive box that can hold 3 flashlights
  • Function
    Portable Emergency Flashlight Exclusive Box
  • Material
    Flame Retardant ABS (UL V0)
  • Dimensions
    350 x 56 x 280 (WDH, mm)
  • Weight
    Approx. 1.5kg
  • Style
    Fire flashlight, Fire supply, Emergency lighting, Emergency
  • Expiry Date
    10 years or more
  • Color
  • Condition
    decide after consultation
  • Features
    3 Flashlights and 3 wet smoke proof masks
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate
"All system of fyse’s Products activates automatically, Simple to find and easy to use.
Just focus on your quick and safe evacuation."
The statistics of casualties from fire shows that it occurs mainly from inhalation of smoke and toxic gas. The toxic gas from fire includes carbon monoxide which obstructs oxygen delivery in blood and causes death in any minute when a person inhales it.  This happens a lot in our life.
The portable emergency flashlight from fyse contains a wet smoke-proof mask that can be worn easily in urgent situations and minimizes people to inhale less smoke and toxic gas. This portable emergency flashlight secures the golden hour to evacuate people fast and safely.
- Product Name : Portable Emergency Flashlight Exclusive Box
- Model : TNEA2332 / TNEA2334
- Brand Name : fyse
- Weight : Approx. 1.5kg
- Height : 280mm
- Width : 350mm
- Depth : 56mm
- Color : White
- Materials : Flame Retardant ABS (UL V0)
- Origin : Korea
* TNEA2332 : Box for 3 Flashlights and 3 wet smoke proof masks
* TNEA2334 : Box for 1 Flashlight and 5 wet smoke proof masks
- Lighting & Stored Light System
◦ The stored light sign is applied to a portable flashlight exclusive box, people can quickly find the flashlight during the blackout or when they are in the dark.
- One-touch release
◦ Pressing the button on the portable flashlight exclusive box automatically opens the box, can be used quickly and safely in an emergency.
- One Portable Flashlight Exclusive Box, a warranty and hole guide for drilling in the wall, an installation instruction, 2 screws for the box.
※The portable emergency flashlight is not included.
- Mark the place to drill the screws by using the hole guide for drilling.
- After remove it, drill the screws where you marked.
- Place the Portable Flashlight Exclusive Box on the screw.  
- Put a portable emergency flashlight without its holder and wet smoke-proof masks in the box.

- Press the button on the Portable Flashlight Exclusive Box.
- Take the portable emergency flashlight from the box and it activates automatically.
※ The wet smoke-proof mask is contained in TNEA2312 model only.
READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING this appliance and save them for future reference.
- This appliance is for indoor use only.
- Only use the appliance for its intended purpose to avoid potential hazard or injury.
- Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself, otherwise your warranty may become invalid.
Do not dispose of the product with other household waste at the end of its service life. Follow your country’s rules for separating electronic products and batteries. The Correct disposal will help to prevent negative consequences for the environment and human health. However, as a wet smoke-proof mask does not contain toxoc chemicals, they can be disposed with other household waste.
- KC : It is verified that Portable emergency flashlight (Model Number TNEA2312) has been registered under the Clause 3, Article 58-2 of Radio Waves Act.
- CE : The equipment complies with the standard; EN IEC 55015:2019/A11:2020 and EN 50130-4:2011.
- FCC : The equipment complies with the requirement of FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart B, Section 15.101.
- The Bronze Prize in 2021 Good Design Korea.
- The Grand Prize in The 9th Fire Industry Good design Contest by Korea Fire Institute.
The warranty terms only apply to the purchase from authorized dealers or distributors of fyse. We offer 1 year limited warranty against original defects in the materials and craftsmanship of the appliance. The warranty period lasts 1 year from the date of purchase. 
Our fyse Customer Service Center will please to help you, please prepare a proof of purchase to use your rights to a repair, replacement parts.  

In the absence of proof of purchase, the company reserves the right to voluntarily apply the warranty duration starting from the manufacturing date of the fyse product components based on its records.
- Appearance damage including scratches, dents and plastic disfigured, etc.
- Being damaged due to accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation, usage not in accordance with product specifications and instructions, natural or personal disaster, or unauthorized alterations, repairs or modifications. 
- All the damages due to use of the appliance other than for permitted or intended purposes.
- Normal wear and tear from daily use.
- Reduction in battery discharge time due to battery age or use.
- If the seal is damaged from using a wet proof-smoke mask.
- Tel. 82-10-5020-1196
- E-mail : fyse@fyse.co.kr
- Website : www.fyse.co.kr
- Address : 56-2, Donggureung-ro 459beon-gil, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Company Overview

We have a mission and vision to protect people’s lives by minimizing human casualties from fire accident, thereby realizing public well-being and a safe society. In the fire-fighting industry, we are based on excellent technology, the universal design to make an easy-to-use firefighting product.
Anyone can use our product without a manual, evacuate quickly and safely any building.

We as a specialized company for producing and distributing firefighting supplies, apply simple and universal design to firefighting supplies with superior technology so that anyone can use our product without instruction. We would like to provide the one that can make a quick and safe evacuation, minimize social and economic damages thereby protecting people’s lives and properties from the fire accident.

■ Our vision is to improve the quality of firefighting supplies with superior technology and to lead the industry with developing R&D specialized in the fire industry.
■ Our mission is to realize public peace and a safe society, contributing to protecting people’s life.
■ Our goal is the development of firefighting supplies with innovation based on safety and competitiveness, changing the existing paradigm for the better.



This supplier supports payments for offline orders
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Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Yoonkyo Jeong
  • Tel : 82315731196
  • Email : jungjin@thejungjin.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 56-2 Donggureung-ro 459beon-gil (11905)
This supplier supports Air Cargo, Ocean Freight, Domestic Transportation.
  • Air Cargo : Please contact us for inquiry on carriers
  • Sea Freight : Please contact us for carriers inquiry
  • Land Transportation
Shipping Insurance
  • Sea Freight : impossible
  • Please contact your administrator for detailed information.
Contact delivery manager
  • Name : Hyeona,Lee
  • Tel : 82-031-573-1196
  • The person in charge

    Yoonkyo Jeong
  • Telephone

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  • Address

    56-2 Donggureung-ro 459beon-gil, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do (11905)


We have a mission and vision to protect people’s lives by minimizing human casualties from fire accidents, thereby realizing public well-being and a safe society.In the fire-fighting industry, we are based on excellent technology, the universal design to make an easy-to-use firefighting product. Anyone can use our product without a manual, evacuate quickly and safely any building. We as a specialized company for producing and distributing firefighting supplies, apply simple and universal design to firefighting supplies with superior technology so that anyone can use our product without instruction. We would like to provide the one that can make a quick and safe evacuation, minimize social and economic damages thereby protecting people’s lives and properties from the fire accident. Our vision is to improve the quality of firefighting supplies with superior technology and to lead the industry with developing R&D specialized in the fire industry. Our mission is to realize public peace and a safe society, contributing to protecting people’s life. Our goal is the development of firefighting supplies with innovation based on safety and competitiveness, changing the existing paradigm for the better.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    Portable Emergency Flashlight
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people



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