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Skincell Botanic EGF Serum 30ml

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    Model Skincell Botanic EGF Serum
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    Republic of Korea
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    caring your skin
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Skincell Botanic EGF Serum 30ml
Korea's First Plant Culture EGF Cosmetics

wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics   
water charge and elasticity enhancement

Good ingredients, better skin science.
Derma-Aging Solution for Skin Mechanism

1. Anti-corrosion agent, fragrance-free, colorless
Including the Nobel Prize-winning plant EGF,
It contains only nine ingredients, non-corrosive, non-fragrant, non-colourless
Realize oil-free natural cosmetics
2 Intensive Antioxidant Care Solutions
Innovative plant EGF and plant hyaluronic acid,
Adenosine ingredients make skin elastic and transparent.

Oil-free natural concept aging essence that eliminates traces of time
amazing first-time experience of
botanic EGF serum

For the first time in Korea,
bone-cultivated plant EGF serum
It's a cosmetic skin cell that uses bio-life science.
Botamic EGF serum is Korea's first unique plant EGF cell activator.
use proven functions to improve the skin's appearance
It's an innovative anti-aging serum.
It contains only nine pure ingredients, including the Nobel Prize-winning plant EGF.
Natural cosmetics with no corrosion, no fragrance, and no colorless oil.

amazing dermatology
Nobel Prize-winning
plant EGF serum

Skin cell botanic EGF serum is...
a solution to skin aging.
It's a Nobel Prize-winning plant, EGF ingredient.
The traces of strong antioxidant damage.
Of course, it improves skin aging.
be brighter and more durable than day by day
Please experience skin changes.

Skin aging + high moisturizing care
Botanic EGF Serum Three Drops of Magic
* Supports natural gloss improvement of skin
*Improve skin damage
*Reduce dry areas of skin
*Improve skin tone and texture
* Moisturizes deep into the skin
a strong moisture-preservation warehouse that does not dry out

Not only does it improve wrinkles, but it also charges moisture!

After applying botanic EGF serum,
There is no significant change in water content over time.
Experience a powerful moisturizing serum that has never existed before.

What is EGF?
collagen + elastin
EGF is a signal transmitter in the human body.
It's very effective in regenerating the skin. It's a substance that's found and cultivated.
Dr. Stanley Cohen of the United States won the Nobel Prize in Physiology.
The EGF component is a water-soluble protein that exists in the human body.
Promote the production of collagen and elastin that activates fibroblasts.
EGF components in the skin decrease with age.
Skin elasticity decreases, wrinkles occur, and aging progresses quickly.
At this time, EGF ingredients slow skin aging.
It helps maintain young skin for a long time.

EGF Cosmetics,
from the beginning
Didn't you have it?

Most of the EGF cosmetics on sale today.
EGF cultured from bacteria (E. coli) is used.
If you use EGF cultured from bacteria for a long time,
What are the consequences?
This is an age in which consumer wisdom is required.
For your precious body and skin
From now on, please try using plant culture EGF!

I'm in my 20s.
EGF cosmetics.
Should I use it?

due to a decrease in EGF in one's late 20s
Decreased skin elasticity/sagging/darkening of skin
and so on.
Plant EGF Cosmetics Overcomes Time's Trails
Make your skin elastic and beautiful that doesn't wither easily.
I'll help you maintain it.

Please check the EGF content.
If you are using EGF cosmetics, please check the EGF content.
other brands
EGF Cosmetics EGF Content

10 PPM
skin cell
botanic EGF serum EGF content

EGF content
effect of the difference
be more than 10 times different from other brands' EGF content of 1 ppm
Skin cell botanic EGF serum is...
It's just for the skin. It's a generous combination.
Even a small amount of use can directly confirm the amazing effect.

All-in-one serum for clear and healthy skin

One botanic EGF serum is enough.
You don't have to apply multiple layers of cosmetics.
From now on, please sedate, moisturize and elasticize with only one botanic EGF serum.

Korea's First Plant Culture EGF Cosmetics

Soothing, wrinkle improvement, elasticity improvement


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